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Cast List

SIMON BAKER as Patrick Jane
ROBIN TUNNEY as CBI Senior Special Agent/Police Chief/FBI Special Agent Teresa Lisbon
TIM KANG as CBI Special Agent/FBI Special Agent/FBI Supervisory Special Agent Kimball Cho
OWAIN YEOMAN as CBI Special Agent Wayne Rigsby (1st – 6th seasons+)
AMANDA RIGHETTI as CBI Special Agent Grace Van Pelt (1st – 6th seasons+)
ROCKMOND DUNBAR as FBI Supervisory Special Agent Dennis Abbott (6th – 7th seasons)
EMILY SWALLOW as FBI Senior Special Agent Kim Fischer (6th season)
JOE ADLER as FBI Special Agent Jason Wylie (6th – 7th seasons)
JOSIE LOREN as FBI Special Agent Michelle Vega (7th season)

GREGORY ITZEN as CBI Special Agent in Charge Virgil Minelli (now retired) (1st – 2nd seasons +)
JOHN TROY DONOVAN as CBI Special Agent Ron (last name unknown) (1st – 6th seasons)
AUNJANUE ELLIS as CBI Special Agent in Charge Madeline Hightower (2nd – 3rd seasons+)
TERRY KINNEY as CBI Senior Special Agent Samuel “Sam” Bosco (2nd season)
REBECCA WISOCKY as Brenda Shettrick (2nd – 5th seasons)
PRUITT TAYLOR VINCE as CBI Senior Special Agent J.J. LaRoche (3rd – 6th seasons)
ERIC WINTER as FBI Special Agent Craig O’Laughlin (3rd season +)
JILLIAN BACH as PD/DDA Sarah Harrigan (3rd – 5th seasons)
DAVID NOROÑA as DDA Osvaldo Ardiles (3rd – 6th seasons)
KARL SONNENBERG as CBI Special Agent Karl (last name unknown) (3rd – 6th seasons+)
SAMARIE ARMSTRONG as Summer Edgecombe (4th – 5th seasons)
MICHAEL RADY as CBI Special Agent in Charge Luther Wainwright (4th season)
CATHERINE DENT as FBI Special Agent Susan Darcy (4th season)
PEDRO PASCAL as FBI Special Agent Marcus Pike (6th season+)

MALCOLM McDOWELL as Bret Stiles (5 episodes in 2nd – 6th seasons, plus often mentioned)
MICHAEL GASTON as CBI Director Gale Bertram (17 episodes in 3rd – 6th seasons)
REED DIAMOND as CBI Special Agent Ray Haffner (5 episodes in 4th – 6th seasons)
DREW POWELL as FBI Special Agent Reede Smith (6 episodes in 5th – 6th seasons)
KEVIN CORRIGAN as Homeland Security Agent Robert Kirkland (7 episodes in 5th – 6th seasons)
XANDER BERKELEY as Sheriff Thomas McAllister/Red John (5 episodes in 1st/6th seasons)
JACK PLOTNICK as Brett Partridge (5 episodes in 1st/2nd/5th – 6th seasons)

Cho, Lisbon, Jane, Rigsby, Van Pelt standing outside on road

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