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This site is dedicated Teresa Lisbon & Patrick Jane (played by Robin Tunney and Simon Baker) in the long-running series The Mentalist.

Teresa & Patrick:

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Why they are the best: When the series began they were two damaged souls, Jane more noticeably than Lisbon. Their romance developed slowly from their long years of friendship.

Favorite Moment: So, so many to choose from. Not only the early seasons but the sixth and especially the seventh season which was basically a love letter to the show’s long-time fans. Robin and Simon are both such good actors and many of their best scenes were based on their silent reactions. I could easily choose any scene from the wonderful series finale, “White Orchids” (so much happy to pick from!). But I’m actually going to break pattern and go with the angst-filled scene at the end of season seven’s “Nothing Gold Can Stay” when Jane tells Lisbon he can’t do this anymore and she tells him he can’t keep pulling her from the path of oncoming trains because there are always more trains coming. The conversation culminates in his leaving. It's just so wonderfully acted by both of them. Of course, I can choose it knowing they work everything out and have their well-earned HEA.

And they lived happily ever after… in Texas with their children. Jane was a stay-at-home dad while Lisbon continued work as an FBI agent, though Jane did the occasional consult once the kids were a little older.

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